Does A Root Canal Hurt?

Dr. Cho is an expert all around. I was in pain and he immediately remedied this, providing amazing service that was very gentle. He even followed up with me to make sure I was not in any pain in between appointments. I highly recommend his office. His team is also highly professional. As unpleasant as dental work is, I felt at ease the whole time.

Colleen Stevenson

If you have been told to you need a root canal the first thing to enter your mind might be, Does a root canal hurt?

The answer is NO, it does not cause pain it RELIEVES pain. The most pain that a patient has is the tooth pain leading up to needing the root canal. One of the main reasons why people would have pain during a root canal is when the general dentist can not find the canals, it takes them too long, the anesthetic is not strong enough and the stress is too high for the patient and the dentist.

Most people say that it is as easy or easier than getting a small filling done!

Our endodontic specialist are amazing at root canal treatment, this is what they do all day every day. We make sure you are completely relaxed and comfortable before starting treatment. We offer a comfort menu that includes head phones with music, a blanket and a pillow. We offer special aroma therapy patches that help you feel more relaxed if you are a little nervous. You are in control of the appointment, when you are relaxed then it makes everything much easier and less pain.

Next we make sure you are VERY NUMB, and do not feel anything. We will test the tooth before we work on it to make sure it is numb. Remember you are in control of the appointment, so if you feel any pain at all make sure you tell us, we will give you more anesthetic. By the end of your appointment you will be wondering why you were afraid to come in the first place.

Again Root Canals do not cause pain they relieve pain.


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