Why Endodontist vs. General Dentist?

Why an Endodontist has to perform your Root Canal and not a General Dentist?

Among the public, there is some confusion as to why the specialty of endodontics exists. Endodontists are dentists who have received additional training that makes them experts and extremely proficient at performing root canal treatment. These doctors limit their practice solely to root canal and other, lesser-known endodontic procedures.

All general dentists are trained on how to perform root canals. But root canals are highly complex treatments that require specialized instruments and a wealth of experience to master. Because endodontists receive three additional years of training in the practice of performing root canals, they have a decided advantage in terms of expertise and experience over general dentists. Furthermore, by limiting their practice to only performing root canals, endodontists build on their expertise every day, becoming more proficient as time goes on.

Most endodontists also utilize highly advanced tools, such as high-powered microscopes, that make root canal treatment much more efficient and predictable. General dentists rarely use the types of tools and equipment that endodontists invest in, meaning general dentists are at a disadvantage when it comes to successfully performing root canal treatment.

If your tooth is at risk, why not get the best and most reliable treatment? Put simply, by choosing an endodontist for your root canal treatment, you are choosing the highest quality treatment possible.


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