Our Focus

We help patients share the right medical information, at the right time, and in the right format to equip their caregivers with the relevant facts required to optimize care. To accomplish this we created BREEZE™.  It is an innovative patient centered web-based software platform that delivers a customized medical questionnaire to each patient, thereby streamlining the way a patient’s medical history is elicited and recorded.



Patient Centered User-Friendly Method

A timely and relevant medical history serves as the cornerstone for delivering quality care.  Unfortunately, until now there has been no patient centered user-friendly method for collecting this medical information.  Patients have been presented with multi-page generic paper questionnaires that often hold little relevance for them.  Caregivers have served as costly scribes, collecting myriad data from patients (much of it unnecessary), instead of being presented with those aspects of the patient’s medical history relevant to the context in which the patient is being evaluated.  Electronic medical record systems, when in place, have been unable to provide the up-to-date, complete, and relevant information required at the point of care.

BREEZE™ solves these problems by allowing patients to easily provide those portions of their medical histories most relevant for a given episode of care.