Clinical Trials/ REMS

  • Looking for a more efficient way to identify and enroll eligible patients into clinical trials?
  • Frustrated by unnecessary trial delays due to underperforming trial sites?
  • In need of a patient interface that will allow you to comply with a REMS for your drug?

BREEZE™ provides the answer.  It has the unique ability to easily elicit medical histories from patients, getting you closer to the patient, faster and cheaper.


BREEZE™ Functionality

  • Site Selection – Sufficient eligible patient population
  • Patient Enrollment – Rapid remote screening
  • Patient Education – Compliance and expected side effects
  • Patient Monitoring:
    • Adverse events
    • Drugs and dosing
    • Disease awareness
    • Side effects

BREEZE™ Benefits

  • Reduce Trial Delays:
    • Higher recruitment yields
    • Fewer patient drop outs
    • Faster adverse event identification
    • Timely REMS design
  • Mitigate Approval Delays – $1+ million lost sales per day of delay for $1 billion annual revenue drug
  • Comply with FDA REMS – Avoid product injunction, civil penalties $250k-$10 million
  • Improve connection to remote patients

To learn more about what BREEZE™ can do to improve your clinical trials and REMS programs, please click here to schedule an online demonstration.