MedSleuth is proud to partner with the Alliance for Paired Kidney Donation (APKD) to offer KidneyMatchgrid in the U.S. The sophisticated matching software gives transplant centers enhanced access to internal, regional and national matches, with dedicated concierge-level support throughout the entire process.

4 Big Benefits for Donors and Recipients

1. Donor Protection

Donors who are matched through Kidney Matchgrid are eligible for APKD’s comprehensive DonorProtect benefits program, which helps alleviate financial barriers to kidney donation.

Reimbursement opportunities include:
  • Up to $10,000 in lost wages.
  • Up to $4,500 for donor-related travel expenses, such as transportation, lodging and dining.
  • Up to $1,000 for dependent care (child or elder care).
  • Up to $500 in pet care.

2. Future Priority for Family Members of Donors

Kidney Matchgrid donors are also eligible for offerings giving priority placement to them or their loved ones should they need a kidney transplant in the future.

Offerings Include:
  • The APKD Kidney Promise: APKD works with transplant centers to prioritize all living kidney donors in the unlikely event they ever need a kidney.
  • The APKD KidneyPledge™: APKD gives priority to chain-ending kidneys for non-directed donors and their designated family members or friends. Non-directed donors can choose between three KidneyPledge plan options: family, friend or advance (allows donors to name a specific individual with kidney disease who will likely need a kidney in the future).

3. Home Advantage

MedSleuth and APKD’s extensive U.S. transplant center network ensures Kidney Matchgrid donors can have surgery near their hometown, with their kidney transported safely and securely to the recipient.

4. Donor Mentors

APKD offers a donor mentorship program that is available to all potential Kidney Matchgrid donors who have questions about the donation process. The mentors have diverse backgrounds, ages, perspectives and experiences. Some underwent recent surgery, while others donated a kidney over a decade ago. Our goal is to give donors and recipients a better chance of focusing on their health as they go into surgery and then recovery.

The Technology Behind kidneymatchgrid

Take back control of the paired donation process with Kidney Matchgrid.  

Strong Security
The security of donor and recipient data is our top priority, which is why Kidney Matchgrid offers industry-leading security features including SOC 2 Type II certification.

Extensive Patient Data
One of the key features of Kidney Matchgrid is the extensive number of data points collected and used to find the best possible matches for patients.

Fully Optimized Solutions
Powered by a Nobel Prize-winning algorithm, Kidney Matchgrid presents optimized matches at every level so transplant coordinators can focus on what really matters – finding matches for pairs.

State-of-the-art Match Runs
Kidney Matchgrid uses internal, regional and national match runs to find potential matches and chains for donors and recipients.