Root Canal vs Extraction

When a tooth becomes infected, there are two possible solutions: root canal or extraction. A root canal removes diseased nerve and pulp tissues, leaving the natural tooth intact. An extraction removes the entire tooth and its root, requiring a prosthetic replacement or otherwise leaving a gap where the extracted tooth once was.

At Irvine Endodontics, we want patients to choose conservative treatment whenever possible. Our goal is to clear up misconceptions about root canals and educate patients about the benefits of endodontic treatment.

An endodontist uses root canal treatment to save natural teeth whenever possible. Unfortunately, many people assume that extracting and replacing a tooth is easier than undergoing a root canal, whether because of a past failed root canal treatment or fears about pain and discomfort. The truth is that advancements in modern dentistry make endodontic treatment virtually painless for most patients. In fact, more than 4 out of 5 people would return to an endodontist for subsequent root canals in the future if necessary

  • Root Canal Therapy
  • Root canals are a cost-efficient way of treating an infected tooth.
  • Root canals save the natural tooth and bone
  • Endondontic treatment carries a high success rate.
  • Root canals require little office time and are virtually painless.
  • Keeping a natural tooth is less conspicuous than the cosmetics of a tooth replacement.
  • Root canals do not disrupt the rest of the mouth, such as the gums and jawbone.
  • Extraction
  • No tooth replacement option measures up to the benefits of a natural tooth.
  • Implants are the most effective replacement, but take up to six months to complete.
  • Nearby teeth may begin shifting near the site of an extraction.
  • An extraction often results in loss of jaw bone.

Always make an effort to save your natural teeth. To find out if you are a candidate for root canal treatment, contact our office to schedule your appointment.


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