Post-Op Instructions

We wish to provide you with the utmost quality of care and extend every effort to satisfy you with every aspect of your treatment. If any problems should arise, please let us know how we can help.

1- For the first few days and up to 10 days following your Root Canal Treatment, you may feel some mild pain, soreness, and sensitivity that can include throbbing and minor swelling while biting or chewing on your affected tooth. This can be especially pronounced if you had pain, swelling, and/or infection prior to your treatment. This discomfort can be SPONTANEOUS beginning a few days after your treatment and may continue for 1-2 weeks or longer. If you have symptoms that persist for more than 10 days, please contact our office.

2- Take any medication that is prescribed for you according to instructions. (If antibiotics have been prescribed and you take Birth Control pills, consult with a pharmacist and/or physician.) If no allergies take: Ibuprophen 600mg every 6 hrs for 2 days and then as needed.

3- Continue brushing and flossing as normal, being careful on the treated tooth as the temporary filling could dislodge.

4- A temporary filling has been placed on your tooth. DO not bite or chew with the tooth for one hour and while you are numb. Also, be very gentle with the tooth until the permanent restoration is placed. Try to chew on the opposite side. Do not eat anything sticky or chewy for the next few days. It is good to drink liquids right away. This will aid in hardening the temporary filling.

5- It is very important to contact your General Dentist office as soon as possible (within 15 days) following your root canal treatment for the final restoration. Any unnecessary delay on placement of the final restoration may damage the tooth permanently and/or allow the tooth to become re infected.

6- Call our office if you are in severe pain or experience swelling or if you have any questions.

Dr. Mansouri (cell): (949) 394-5685
Dr. Pham (phone): (949) 622-0055
Dr. Lee (phone): (949) 622-0055 


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