Root Canal Re-treatment

When a root canal treatment fails, the first course of action that is usually taken is root canal re-treatment. 

Root Canal Treatment can fail due to the following:

  • Canals were not cleaned and filled properly during first treatment. 
  • Small, curvy, and difficult to see canals could have been missed. 
  • New decay may have formed in the tooth infecting the root canal.
  • A crack or fracture may have formed in the tooth. 
  • Permanent restoration was not completed in proper time after Root Canal Treatment.

The process is very similar to Root canal Treatment, the difference is that besides taking any remaining infected tissue out, the doctor has to take old filling material, any posts and crowns or any other obstacle in the pulp space out to be able to successfully disinfect and seal the area of the root canal.

After the root canal re-treatment  is done your restorative dentist will place a crown to protect the tooth against fractures.


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