What is Apicoectomy?

An Apicoectomy is the most common endodontic surgical procedure used to save a tooth. This treatment is done when inflammation persists in the bony area around the end of your tooth after a root canal procedure. This infection is known as an abscess and will not go away without proper treatment.

This is a microsurgery that the doctor will perform under the microscope, remove any underlying bone and inflamed or infected tissue, We send the biopsy to be tested. This Endodontic Surgical procedure is a good way to save the tooth or crown, because no hole will be made through the crown of the tooth. A small filling is placed to seal the end of the root canal, and a few stitches are placed in the gum to help the tissue heal. Over a period of months the bone fills in the area at the end of the root.

After the treatment is done we will follow up with you in six months to make sure the bone has grown back properly.


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