Patient Friendly.  Designed by Clinicians.  Built for You.

The MedSleuth BREEZE™  platform utilizes proprietary algorithms to generate a customized questionnaire for eliciting a patient’s medical history.  Each customized questionnaire is generated in real time, based on the patient’s health profile and successive responses to the questionnaire.

BREEZE™ is patient friendly.  To ensure ease of use, BREEZE™ employs a user interface appropriate for patients with a vast array of computer skills and incorporates common point-and-click and drop-down menu applications to facilitate usability.  A recent study of BREEZE™ at a major academic medical center found patient satisfaction and patient ease of use of over 95%, respectively.  Additionally, patients were able to complete the BREEZE™ questionnaire on their own within 16 minutes, on average.

BREEZE™ has been designed by clinicians for clinicians.  It has been specifically designed by expert clinicians to produce an easy to read medical history in a format that a healthcare provider can access via a print out, secure e-mail, secure internet web site, or entry into an existing EMR.  This allows for easy integration into both clinical and IT workflows.  The BREEZE™ output takes the form of a comprehensive medical history, facilitating patient triage, efficient patient scheduling, and optimal care management.  BREEZE™ can be applied to any care setting — preoperativeclinical trial enrollment, REMS tracking, transplant patient management, patient assessment and triage, medication reconciliation, and many more.

BREEZE™ is built for you.  The BREEZE™ platform is designed for efficiency, customization, and security.  It is delivered via Software as a Service (SaaS).  This makes it extremely affordable, by eliminating the sizable upfront and ongoing maintenance costs of traditional software solutions.  It also enables robust technical support and real time product updates.  The design architecture of BREEZE™ allows for easy customization and integration to meet the unique clinical and IT needs of each of our customers.  Finally, BREEZE™ employs the latest security standards to ensure the privacy of patient data and complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).