In the United States alone, several hundred thousand patients are living with a transplanted organ and many await transplantation.  To ensure the relatively few organs available for transplantation each year are best utilized, the medical condition of transplant patients must be carefully assessed before and after transplantation.

Unfortunately, the process used by most transplant centers to evaluate these patients falls short on three fronts.  First, there is no effective triage process to identify the subset of potential recipients and donors who warrant the expensive and time – consuming transplant workup.  Second, there is no efficient process for ensuring ongoing eligibility and optimal organ allocation for the majority of transplant candidates who spend years on the national transplant waitlist. Finally, the frequency and quality of follow up for transplant recipients are insufficient to adjust for changes in medications, financial access to medications, and the medical state of the recipient that often lead to organ rejection. These shortcomings increase morbidity and mortality, increase healthcare costs, and lower patient satisfaction. Therefore, a standardized transplant assessment delivered in a timely fashion is needed.

BREEZE™ addresses these issues by eliciting a comprehensive medical history from transplant patients that allows for patient triage at intake based on transplant eligibility; monitors for ongoing eligibility on the national transplant waitlist; and provides the patient-specific information required by healthcare providers to identify and mitigate post-transplant risk.

Consequently, BREEZE™ helps transplant centers and community-based caregivers

  1. Optimize patient health and graft survival
  2. Comply with United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) mandates
  3. Reduce the significant costs associated with transplant assessments for many patients who are ultimately deemed ineligible for transplantation.

To learn more about what BREEZE™ can do to improve your management of transplant patients, please click here to schedule an online demonstration.